Artist Statement

My work explores the experience of loss and the ephemeral.  I use the making process to reflect on what once was, having mixed feelings of warmth for their existence and grief for their loss. I create utilitarian ceramics with these fleeting moments in mind, expressing this poignant nostalgia through ceramic vessels.

I emulate the act of remembrance through reduction and repair on utilitarian vessels. Just as one fills in the blanks of a spotty memory, I often cut through these vessels and mend them with small patches of clay to restore their utility.  Other pieces are beyond repair and sometimes collapse from the forces I place upon them. The work is soda-fired, which creates a hazy surface, allowing the atmospheric environment to decide which details to emphasize and erase. Utility and the vessel forms bring a sense of familiarity that encourages connection, while the varied, natural surfaces give an intimate and engaging tactile experience. Functioning pieces approach nostalgia optimistically through utility, and they allow for the user to reflect on their past experiences and socialize with others to form new memories. Non-functional vessels express the dark side of reflection, the mourning for what is gone.  It is evident that these objects were once functional, but time and external forces that I impose have caused their demise.  Through form, color, and texture, both utilitarian and non-utilitarian vessels emote memory and allow the viewer to associate their own narratives with the altered, eroding objects.