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My work explores the concept of dysfunctionality and its poignant reflection of the human condition. I use the ceramic vessel to delve into the intricacies of existence, addressing how the fragility of our minds and bodies become an involuntary reality. These vessels serve as metaphors for our own beings; their forms, once harmonious, now bear the scars and imperfections of a life well-lived. Like our own bodies, minds, and relationships, they have moments of unexpected faltering, cracks, or details that fade away. Each piece emphasizes these imperfections as a testament to the unpredictability and ephemerality of our own lives.

Through the manipulation of clay and atmospheric firing, I seek to express the emotional and physical challenges that we, as humans, face. This firing process captures the fleeting moments where flames travel throughout the kiln; the history of the firing leaves a permanent impression on each vessel. The process of building with precision and firing in an unpredictable atmospheric kiln creates a balance of control and lack thereof, allowing both myself and external forces to have influence on the vessel.

My work invites viewers to contemplate the beauty in imperfection, the resonance of dysfunction, and the poignant reminder that our minds and bodies can inevitably fail us. It is a testament to the resilient, evolving, and ultimately interconnected nature of the human experience. In these vessels, we reflect on our own flaws, but also the potential for transformation and strength that emerges from embracing those imperfections.

Round, spiked ceramic vessel that has been soda-fired.
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