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Anamnesis is a series of ceramic sculptures that explore the remembrance of supposed pasts, emphasizing the uncertainty of our recollections. Memories are altered or lost due to the passage of time, external events, and physiological aspects of how memory is stored. Every time a past moment is recalled, it is rewritten and kept as a new version of that memory. Details become altered and lost. The geometric objects found in this series express this process; texts found on the surface reflect on memory and temporality or are partially distorted and diminished. The passage of time and the fading of detail is permanently recorded, mimicking our consciousness and how we hold onto memories. Although geometric in form, I intentionally leave the surfaces of these pieces organic; this mark leaves the objects to feel worn, more human, more imperfect. A teetering balance between defining geometry and organic abstraction push and pull at these sculptures, connecting them with one another and allowing them to converse with the other pieces surrounding them. Each piece’s texts serve as building blocks that combine to generate an ever-changing monologue that shifts meaning, length, and order based on how the viewer chooses to interact. By bringing in their own histories, the viewer’s individual experience mirrors their own unique lives and memories, creating infinite interpretations.

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